Xopus Beta Release Plan

Knowing when to update

Today we publish our first Beta build. We recently started using Scrum as a method to work on Xopus. During our scrum sessions we will focus on bugs and other issues and features that require attention. With this new methods we hope to be better able to serve our customers, clients and end-users.

Up to now we have released a new version of Xopus when it was needed. With Scrum we hope to do so a bit more regularly. You should expect to see a new minor version of Xopus, named Xopus 4.2.1 for example, every 4 weeks.

However this method does prevent us from releasing new releases quickly as very important bugs show up and are fixed. Therefore in order to help our resellers and implementors along with their work when they encounter a bug, we will now start releasing Beta versions of Xopus. This will always be based on the last version of Xopus, but will be released with minimal testing. You should expect everything to work as it did with the previous version, but with the bugs listed fixed. This of course does not mean that one of the fixes may have inadvertently created new issues.

Beta version

Beta versions will contain a release date in the name of the version. We may ask clients to test a fix before releasing the beta version and during that time fix new issues. The version on the website might be a few days older than a version your received as a client. Feel free to update.

Updating to a beta or minor version of Xopus

We always encourage our clients to update Xopus in the implementations they create. We are constantly improving our software with bugfixes and upgrades.

Minor versions of Xopus will not contain significant changes or major features. You should therefore feel save to update to a minor version of a release. Beta versions are essentially like minor versions, but have not been tested as thoroughly.


For the new release go to the release notes of Xopus 4.2.1 Beta 1 20110114.


Modified: January 14th 2011
By: Carl Giesberts