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January 14th  Xopus Beta Release Plan

Today we publish our first Beta build. We recently started using Scrum as a method to work on Xopus. During our scrum sessions we will focus on bugs and other issues and features that require attention. With this new methods we hope to be better able to serve our customers, clients and end-users.

December 30th  Creating a table toolbar

In our latest release (Xopus 4.2), we've added support for table editing commands in the toolbar of Xopus. Using this toolbar, you can for example insert new colums or rows, move and delete them and do things like merging and splitting cells.

February 12th  Inside the Xopus Application Framework

For the development of Xopus 4 we have created the Xopus Application Framework. This framework provides us a stable platform needed to build a serious application like Xopus in Javascript.

January 15th  Highlighting the current context element

We received a request from a customer who wanted to highlight the current context element, i.e. the element where the cursor is currently in. As we already highlight elements when you hover over menu items, it took little effort to make this functionality available in the API. Here is the script that you can use:

July 10th  Xopus plays Tic-Tac-Toe

Usually Xopus keeps you within the bounds and rules of a structured document: bold is allowed in a paragraph, but not in a header, or a header must be followed by the name of the author.

February 29th  Validating your HTML/CSS for use in Xopus

In Internet Explorer Xopus relies on the contentEditable feature. But unfortunately activating contentEditable will change the look and feel of the HTML output of your XSLT. The goal of most of our CSS and HTML best practises is to prevent or workaround these effects.

February 25th  Incompatible Markup Pointers Revisited

Last December I wrote about the Incompatible Markup Pointers exception in IE. I've been able to pinpoint the source of the exception more exactly: it occurs if you want to paste HTML into a TextRange, and the window the parent element of the TextRange belongs to does not have focus.

February 21st  prettyPrintLargeNumber

The last few months have been extremely busy. We are working with many clients and partners to enhance their integrations. There is always a steady stream of support and forum questions. Development of the Xopus 4 platform uses a lot of our resources. And last but certainly not least Mark Wubben is following his dream to live and work in Copenhagen.